Sunday, 15 November 2009

Nutritional ECPI water-1

Good ECPI Water

HIGHER RATES absorption

Size of water molecules facilitate the smooth water I ECPI absorb cells with good and fast.

You can try cleaning the face with ECPI Water and you'll find your skin becomes more soft and fresh.

This situation shows a high rate of absorption of I in the skin cells and speed up cleaning with removal of the kidneys in urine.


* The combined technology allows thousands of code I use wave energy (electromagnetic) added to enable it to provide energy quickly in the body. ECPI drink 2 glasses of water and you'll feel extra energy on the spot with a view for few symptoms like lost feeling tired, my mind became more calm, feel more fresh blood to flow better (your palms becoming more reddish).

You can also see the effect of increasing energy by holding a finger to open the demo,

I found a significant effect between before and after the drink ECPI Water.


there are 2 forms of oxygen content in the water at ECPI in the form of mass and energy wave.

Combined water production technology ECPI allow for sufficient supply of oxygen I need your body.

Lack of oxygen inside body will produce various symptoms like dizziness, drowsiness, fatigue.

You can test out drinking 2 glasses of water ECPI and you will find these symptoms gradually disappear in time aka short cut.


* ECPI Water has a taste in great wine, sweet and soft.

Feel drinking water and sensational flavor.


ECPI Water have pH reading between 7.5 to 8.5 makes it alkaline.

Rates alkaline inside ECPI Water is suitable for natural pH balance rate neutralize acid inside blood.

An alkaline zero toxins in the body and prevent freedom of germs.


14 Combined treatment system and make ECPI Water as I clean and pure water.

does not contain any bacteria or micro-organisms harmful for health.


ECPI water features contain anti-oxidants.

It contains a negative ion charge and contains many electron to release material is not so dangerous that they should not steal electrons from your cells, causing aging,


Many researchers studied more about the relationship between water and health, the more they realize the importance of CHEDULE both quantity and quality of our drinking water.

ECPI Water is a combination of water treatment system electromagnetic wave technology. These combinations of technology produce a very unique water good to maintain your healthiness

The market price is RM8.10 a bottle of water ECPI non-members, for the price
members of one
bottle cost RM5.80

To purchase ECPI water or become a member in the Shah Alam area please do not hesitate to contact me by email , or SMS me to the number 0122533604 I will contact you back ASAP for further arrangement.

P / S: We also provide delivery service directly to your door house or office for the purchase of more than one carton in Shah Alam, Subang and Petaling Jaya area.